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Features of google pixel 2 when its squeezed

Late breaks have demonstrated that the Pixel 2 won’t include a show as amazing as what’s going ahead the bigger Pixel 2 XL. However, a recording that HTC made with the FCC affirms various things about the

Google pixel will have a perfect storage, iphone is 2008 as usual

Google will soon make Android 8.0 to perfect Pixel and Nexus gadgets, and that is the point at which the Pixels will get a really slick stockpiling trap that is not going to be accessible another famous

Google Pixel fixes freezing bug

Today is a big day for those Google Pixel users who value the security functions on their phones. Today Google finally released its security update for Google Pixel Phones. The new patch is not yet added to

Google Pixel Sprint

Why you will waste money on buying any other item that is not exclusive to Verizon’s network? Take an immediate step to get Sprint to save 50 percent off and choose the best-unlimited rate plan. Sprint is

Google pixel 2, release date and rumors

New google pixel smartphone: pixel 2 release date is not as far away as many would think! The new Google Pixel smartphone is expected to be released for public on late 2017, most likely the smartphone will

Google pixel C

Checking Out the Google Pixel C Tablet There are some products that get referred to by a brand name, even when another brand has produced the product. Think of the word “Kleenex” used for facial tissues, or