Get free Google Home Mini and £50 off when you buy new google pixel 2 or xl in UK

Google is feeling liberal in the UK as the occasions are getting nearer. In this manner, the organization is putting forth you £50 off the prescribed retail cost for both the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. To finish that off, you will likewise get a promo code that will net you a Google Home Mini for nothing – since you most likely need a greater amount of the Google Assistant in your life.

Both of these promos are to be had at the Google store. The £50 rebate on the telephones will be accessible until December 16, while for the free Home Mini you can arrange a Pixel 2 or 2 XL until the finish of the year. You at that point have until February 28 one year from now to reclaim the keen speaker. Since the Home Mini is valued at £34, by and large you’re getting a £84 value lessening on this package, which isn’t terrible in any way. Note that the ‘panda’ high contrast shading variant of the Pixel 2 XL even is by all accounts in stock right now – it turns out, wonders do occur all things considered.

google pixel 2 xl mini
On the off chance that the littlest Google Home simply isn’t sufficiently alluring for you, possibly the arrangement EE has concocted is all the more intriguing. The administrator doesn’t offer any sort of value cut on the Pixels, however in the event that you do buy one of the new age models on contract, you’ll get a free full-measure Google Home. There’s no telling to what extent this promo will last, however, so in case you’re into it at that point go do the deed when you can.

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